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FR Series Tri-Blade

Inspired by frigate birds that can fly for weeks without assistance, the FR series features a 2D wing design at an affordable price.


AE+2 Series Dual-Blade

The unique AE+2 design with our signature winglets reduces drag and offers the most energy-efficient performance of any small/medium dual-bladed fan. Keep a cool head while reducing your energy bill - and protecting the environment.


AE+3 Series Tri-Blade

Award-winning design, unrivalled performance, maximum energy efficiency with up to 80 % less energy consumption compared to a conventional fan. The AE+3 series impresses with its classic understatement.


Our entry-level fan in 2D design Silent by Nature - Efficient by Design

Silent by Nature

For millions of years, nature has been constantly adapting to changing environmental conditions through evolution. Inspired by nature, we have analysed eagle wings and added small winglets to the tip of our three-dimensional airfoils. These winglets eliminate strong vortices and the shape of our AERATRON wings improves airflow. Taken together, our wings contribute to a silent, smooth and clean airflow that is far above the industry standard.

Efficient by Design

Maximum airflow and low energy consumption - state-of-the-art DC motors in combination with our self-developed and patented AERATRON self-balancing system eliminate vibrations and imbalance effects. The motor specially developed for our fans is quiet and perhaps the most efficient DC motor on the market. As a result, our fans lead the ENERGY STAR rankings worldwide.

Heating and cooling

AERATRON products are more than just the quietest ceiling fans on the market. Our customers say they sleep better, feel better and lead healthier, more productive lives. And with proven energy efficiency, they achieve up to 50% savings on cooling and heating costs in summer and winter. Ultimately, we are also helping our planet to breathe easier. Now available worldwide with optional Wifi.

Combine and save

The correct use of AERATRON fans in combination with air conditioning and/or heating systems makes it possible to readjust the temperature in rooms, which can lead to up to 50% less energy consumption. Given the rise in energy costs, this enables significant savings directly related to heating and cooling rooms and can improve a building's energy balance.

Performance that is at least as good as it looks

We have taken inspiration from nature and aviation and turned fan design on its head. We are proud of our international design awards and the coveted ENERGY STAR - MOST EFFICIENT award, which we have received for over 10 years in a row. AERATRON stands for energy-efficient design and is more than just decoration. The characteristic wings and winglets provide unique air distribution without the noise and turbulent wind of other fans. Our extremely efficient DC motors and patented Swiss self-balancing system prevent the vibrations and imbalance that can make other fans so loud and annoying. Combine AERATRON fans with the optional Wifi module and integrate AERATRON fans into your smart home (Tuya compatible with Google or Apple Home)The increased air movement created by fans can offset the energy requirements of air conditioning systems, as temperature set points can be increased without compromising thermal comfort. These benefits are even greater in hot and humid environments, which by nature have a high and sustained indoor cooling demand.The hotel "The Comodo" in Bad Gastein is the winner of the Hotel Design Award 2023, which was presented as part of the 196+ Forum Milan.